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Start a Career in Blogging

Blogging has come quite a long way since the .com boom days. Now, companies find having a blog spot on their website is crucial to their business. Not only are businesses taking advantage of blogs but more people are finding ways to start a career in blogging to build a lucrative career. Having a Blogspot which attracts a lot of online users also gives you further opportunities to make an income, like becoming a product or lifestyle influencer.

In this article, I would like to focus on creating a blog and building a career maintaining it.

Starting a blog is relatively easy if you know your way around a computer, WordPress (or any other blog software), SEO protocols and a good marketing strategy. Most people start blogging as a hobby as well as providing valuable information to online users within the subject, and demographic they are writing for. If you are good at writing but unsure how to efficiently SEO each article or market yourself, it might take a little longer to build up your career in blogging.

The first five things to consider and get you on the way are:

Blog Name

What are you going to call your blog? You can use your personal name or come up with a business alternative.
Either way, before you set a name in stone check the domain name is available & isn’t being used with social media accounts as well.

Blog Subject

As a blogger, it is best to Blog about something you are passionate about whether that is, family, health, destinations, services or products.

By having a broad subject like a family blogger that still entails hundreds of different subject choices – food – kids – boys – girls – mums – dads, e.g. and you are not restricting yourself to one subject yet, you can still find niche subjects within.

However, there’s nothing worse than writing blog after blog about something you dislike.


As a web designer, I highly recommend using WordPress CMS & purchasing a domain name & a basic Hosting plan, we use VentraIp. WordPress comes with pre-installed themes which are okay, to begin with, but I highly recommend a website explicitly built to your requirements.


Writing your blog is not just about the content, it is also about the way you structure your post & making sure it is SEO’d (Search Engine Optimisation) accurately. It’s recommended a blog should be a minimum of 300 – 700 words, with the bodies, content broken up with subheadings to improve readability. To help there is a plugin we use on every site we build called Yoast SEO. This plugin is a great tool to help you make sure your article gets seen.


Get the most out of your blogs and start them ranking on search engines, which will begin the process of organically ranking as soon as you publish your first blog if it is SEO’d.
Once you have published your blog post, post it on all your Social media platforms.

Having a blog which has all the right SEO protocols in place will make all the difference to your online presence. Get in touch to hear about all our SEO packages & other ways we can help you start a career in blogging.