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SEO Websites Frankston – So you’ve built your website, it’s a great design, mobile responsive, and you have allocated a different keyword you would like to try rank for on each page. (These are just a few SEO practices needed for your website to stand out and perform well. If you need help with search engine optimisation, get in touch with our SEO Websites Frankston Specialists.)

Now it is time to install Google Analytics. This is a free analytics tool by Google to track how your consumers use your website. It allows you to see things like how well you are ranking for a particular keyword and how users find you.

It really is a great bit of free software which enables you to spot opportunities to further optimise your website for any specific keywords. Ideally, installing Google Analytics from the moment you launch is the ideal scenario, having the data right from the get go will help later on for further optimising.

Installing Google Analytics is quite simple. Head on over to their website – Google.com/Analytics, sign in using your Google account follow the prompts to configure your website in each section, copy your unique tracking code into the header and footer of each page of your website or download and upload the file given by Google through cpanel into the root directory of your website and you are almost done.

SEO Websites Frankston

If you are using WordPress, you are able to download the Google Analytics by Yoast plugin.

Once you have put the unique tracking code into your website correctly, it’s time to add your website to the Seach Console.

The search console is the platform where you can access all your valuable data. To add your website to Google Search Console, head on over to Google.com/Webmasters. If the previous steps were carried out correctly, your site should already be linked to a Google Analytics account, so you can start using the Search Console without any more verifications.

SEO Websites Frankston

After you have installed Goggle Analytics, be sure to monitor how your website is progressing. What keywords are you organically ranking for and what needs a little bit of tweaking. Adding a blog spot to your website will most definitely help to build up relevant content for each keyword/s you wish to rank for.

All our websites are developed with SEO practices in mind from the get-go and Google Analytics is implemented before launch. We would also like to mention one of our many services includes SEO blogs. While a website’s main purpose is to showcase your company’s services, products, and general information, you must consider keeping your content fresh and up to date. SEO blogs are a fantastic way to achieve this.

Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your site, which in turn means it’s one more opportunity for your website to show up in search engines and drive traffic to you organically. We recommend writing an SEO blog a minimum of at least once a fortnight.

Would you like us to start blogging for your company? Get in touch with us for more information.

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