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Responsive Websites Melbourne – Is your site mobile friendly? – No? You could be missing out‎

Responsive Websites Melbourne – Have you checked your website lately? What kind of experience are your mobile visitors getting when they visit your site? Good? Bad? Ugly? Not sure on how to tell?

Mobile consumption and usage have never been higher. 74% of Australians rely on their phones as much as desktops when searching online. In this digital age, you have no say on when, where and on which of the many devices there are on the market, your users choose to visit your site.

Mobile Web traffic has exceeded desktop traffic, businesses should not ignore mobile device users. Now responsive websites are no longer a trend it’s a business must

Here are three ways to see if you have a Responsive Website:


1. Use Your Current Devices

Responsive Websites Melbourne – Testing on a real device is the best option as you will have first-hand insight as to what your users experience when they pop by your site.

You could even go to your local tech shop and test your website on their devices.

If you have to Pinch to zoom in on your site, this is a clear indicator that your website is not responsive. If your website was mobile friendly the content within your site should auto conform to the constraints of the device size.



Responsive Websites Melbourne
Responsive Websites Melbourne

2. Use Your PC/Mac Browser

If you don’t have a mobile device which you can test your site on, another way would be to open your site on your PC or Mac and scale the browser, taking your mouse to the bottom right-hand corner of the browser window, clicking and dragging the browser from the right to the left.

If your content starts adjusting to the new size of the browser as you scale it and it is adjusting accordingly, your website is most likely responsive.

If you rescale your browser and your site just sits there and half your content gets hidden as you scale it down… you have issues, my friend.


3. Try An Emulator

You could try an emulator such as Screenfly by Quirktools, to test the responsiveness of your website. The emulator allows for you to check a variety of different devices and sizes.

We don’t recommend relying solely on emulators as it is not a like for like experience, you use your mouse to navigate through an emulator whereas the true knowledge of how your site operates for your mobile users would be to test it on a mobile device or two.

If you need an image of your website for any reason, showing how it is responsive to multiple devices, take a look at Am I Responsive.


Responsive Websites Melbourne

What Should I do If my Website is NOT Responsive?

Take a mighty big breath and follow this like —> Black Sky Media HELP ME Responsive Websites Melbourne

At Black Sky Media, we understand that the online trends must adhere to the latest technologies available. With smartphones and tablet device usage on the rise, our website design Baxter specialists strive to have all our websites fully responsive and aesthetically pleasing across all media platforms. Not only is a responsive website important for viewing purposes, but fundamental for good SEO practices.